Papa’s Cupcakeria


Tags: agario, agar io, agario game, papas cupcakeria, papa’s cupcakeria
Description: Papa’s Cupcakeria – Papa has a new restaurant that needs managing – this time a cupcakeria. Help Papa cook some tasty cupcakes for the hungry customers
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Agario Zombie Fight Club


Tags: agario, agar io, agario game, zombie fight club
Description: Play Zombie Fight Club action game on Tool your zombie fighter up with guns, blades and armor and then fight your way.
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Agario Game Territory War

agar io

Tags: agario, agar io, agario game, territory war
Description: Territory War is a turn-by-turn strategy game. Get your team of stick men and face each other in a series of exciting turn based battles.
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Play free online Agario


Description: Agario, you control a small round cell. Move it on the screen and eat other cells to grow your cell. Train your reflexes and tactical thinking in this simple but addictive game
How to play:
You can also play against other gamers all around the world. Pick your favourite region (North America, South America, Europa, Russia, Turkey, East Asia, China or Oceania) and join thousands of players in each area within seconds. If you prefer to go for a personal battle only against your friends, pick the “party” mode, which only works with an invitation link you can send to your friends.
To play Agar io click here to move the cell using the mouse, to divide into equal cells. If you collide with a smaller cell, you will absorb it and grow. You can also eject extra mass and split into multiple parts to outplay smaller cells.
You gotta be careful, because the larger cells do you also to their food. You won the game, when one is the largest cell in the whole game. Just the easy control of the own cell gives this game a weird addiction potential. Play Agario game also tension because is played against real people, not a computer.
For extra hilarity and popularity, you can choose a colorful skin. At the end of each game you have access to your status. Number of cells eaten, time lived, number of players eaten and your best position in the worldwide ranking are all available.
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Tags: agario, agar io, agario game